personal photoshoot vs. mini photoshoot


The personal photoshoot is designed to put a beautiful face to your brand and go in depth about what makes your offerings unique.

The mini photoshoot is designed for you to capture the photos you need in a timely and efficient fashion.


Both the personal photoshoot and mini photoshoot will take place is a beautiful natural landscape.

With the personal photoshoot, you will have more flexibility in terms of locations. Since I won't have a session after you, we'll have the option to go deeper into the wilderness and find more unique backgrounds. I have a list of locations, but I am also open to your suggestions.

The mini photoshoot will take place at the predetermined event shoot day location. (It will have easy access to parking to enable back to back shoots.)


The personal photoshoot comes with 2 hours of shooting to allow more time to move within the natural environment and capture a variety of backgrounds. You also have the option to add additional time to your session when putting down the booking deposit fee.

The mini photoshoot is a 30 minute time slot booked at my next photoshoot event date. We will still capture a variety of backgrounds, but they will need to remain within the same space (as I will need to be back at the meeting point within the 30 minute for my next session).


The booking deposit fee ($49) and price per photo ($45/ photo) are the same for the personal photoshoot and mini photoshoot.

The pricing differs if you'd like to purchase the entire gallery of photos. The personal photoshoot full gallery is $475, whereas the mini photoshoot full gallery is $375.

Additionally, with the personal photoshoot, you have the option to add time to your session when putting down the booking deposit fee. Time beyond the first two hours is billed hourly at $100/ hour. For example, a 4 hour photoshoot is $49 + $100 +$100 = $249 booking fee (photos sold separately).

Number of photos

For the personal photoshoot, you'll receive 100+ photos.
For the mini photoshoot, you'll receive 30+ photos.

However, the number of photos will vary based on number of outfit changes, how complicated each set up is, and if you arrive late to the session.

Outfit changes

For the personal photoshoot, we'll have time for 4-6 outfit changes.
For the mini photoshoot, we'll have time for 2-4 outfit changes.

Amongst other factors, the number of outfit changes will strongly vary based on how long it takes you to get dressed, if you have additional props you'd like captured, how long it takes to move from one set up to the next, and if you're late to the session.



In order to secure your shoot, a non-refundable booking fee is required. Rescheduling will only be accepted if the request is made at least 48 hours before the session. Your photoshoot will not be saved on my calendar until you've put down the booking deposit fee.

The booking deposit fee varies based on the type of photoshoot service.

Photos & videos are sold separately!


After the photoshoot, you will receive an online gallery.
Photo purchases will be made through the photo gallery platform.
(I will not be accepting cash or Venmo for photo purchases at this time)

Photos will have a "copyright" watermark on them for viewing.
Once the photos have been purchased, the digital downloads will be automatically sent to your email without the watermarks.

For the personal photoshoot and mini photoshoot, you will have the option to either purchase individual photos or the entire gallery.

For the event coverage or mindful spaces, you will be required to purchase the entire gallery. Once the gallery has been purchased, I will remove pricing so you can share the gallery with event attendees.


When I offer a discount, you will receive a discount code.

This discount code is created with the photo gallery service. It can only be applied at checkout when purchasing photos.

Disclaimer: Discount codes cannot be applied to the booking deposit fee or timelapse video purchase.


If you've commissioned me to create a timelapse video, I will request payment via Venmo after you've filled out the required form.

Please note, I will only start working on the edit after you've accepted the payment request.