In this stage, I will run through will ask you to fill out a form and provide information you'd like included in the marketing materials.
I created templates and looked for ways of simplifying your tasks.

1. Picking A Theme
2. The Marketing Basics
3. Additional Marketing Methods


We'll set up a specific scene for the photoshoot. This is a fun way of creating unique photos with staged environments.

Sticking to a specific theme will help us create meaning around the event and provide clear marketing.

How can we provide true value?

Let's create a meaningful event with a specific purpose.

In order to create a successful event, we need to pick a theme that truly resonates with our target audience.

Our theme will be a unique combination of all 5 categories: your brand, specific scene, target audience, wellness intention, and relevance.

This will help us create an event that resonates with our attendees.

When picking a theme, consider your store and what is aligned with your brand.


1 - Your Brand

Our photoshoot event should be aligned with your brand. Consider the following: core values, mission, purpose, vision, aesthetic, style, colors, and tone.

2 - Specific Scene

We're looking to create a unique world and transport our attendees.
What setting are we creating or alluding to in the photos?

Your store should complement our "specific scene" theme.
Consider your store's architecture, decor, and aesthetic.

Keywords: Cosmic, outer space, fantasy, beach, rustic, castle, rainforest, climate, city, town, bohemian home, modern, minimal, futurist, metallic, glittery.

3 - Target Audience

We need to clearly identify our target audience so our messaging can speak to them directly. Let's create an event that truly benefits and resonates with them.

4 - Wellness Intention

Event photoshoot event will incoporate a deeper meaning and healing theme.
The wellness intention should be aligned with our theme.
When picking a theme, we should consider our target audience.

Keywords: Ancestors, appreciation, aromatherapy, attention, attunement, balance, blooming, body sanctuary, boundaries, breath, changes, clarity, compassion, confidence, connection, creativity, distance, empathy, energy, floating, flow, focus, forgiveness, fruits of intention, garden, gratitude, growth, inner child, inspiration, interdependence, intuition, joy, light, moon, movement, nature, patience, planting seeds, playfulness, present moment, purification, purpose, reflection, reinvention, release, restraint, ritual, roots, sacred femininity, self-compassion, sensuality, shadow play, silence, spaciousness, spirit animal, stillness, time, transformation, tree of life, waves, etc.

5 - Relevance

To help our event gain traction, we want to consider our event's timing and relevance. Consider industry trends, topical news, or popular culture.

Can we link our theme to seasons, holidays, or events? What are some events our target audience cares about? Are you working on a specific campaign and could benefit from mini influencers?

When filling out the form, consider what is aligned with your brand.

This is simply a starting point to help guide our conversation in the discovery call.

Write down all of your ideas without judgment.

2. THE Marketing BASICS

I put together a list of marketing methods that I believe will help me reach my goals.

I created templates and looked for ways of simplifying your tasks.

All posts will use your brand colors so the posts will work seamlessly with your Instagram profile.

We will discuss a posting schedule that works for both of us.



I will set up the event on Eventbrite, then link to a Facebook event.
I will invite you as a Facebook event co-host.
Invite anyone you think could benefit from the event.


I will send you a description to include in the email announcing the event to your email list. Simply copy-paste the description in your email campaign.


I will create an Instagram carousel post about the event.
Simply accept the post "collaborator" Instagram invite.


I will create an Instagram story announcing the last chance to grab a ticket.
Simply repost the story when I tag you.


I will create an Instagram reel announcing the photos are available for purchase.
Simply accept the reel "collaborator" Instagram invite.


I will create an Instagram carousel post with the Photoshoot Highlights.
Simply accept the post "collaborator" Instagram invite.

This form is designed to collect your information that will be shared in the "Basics" marketing materials listed above.

Your responses should stay between 1-4 sentences per answer.

Please polish your answers as they will be copy-pasted!

What is your story? What is the story of the founders? How would you describe your business?

What offering would you like modeled? What is your core offering? What is unique or special about your offering? How will attendees feel when using this offering? How will this offering elevate their photos? Do you have a collection or range of options for them to pick from?

What are your secondary offerings or add-ons? Do you have any decor in your store that can be used in images? What offerings will attendees be able to use as props in their photos?

How would you describe your store's aesthetic or vibe? What is charming or unique about your store? What is special about the neighborhood your store is located in?

In an ideal world, if everyone had your offerings, what would happen? What's the end goal you’re inspired by? Why do you do what you do? What’s your “why”?

Will you give away an offering for free to attendees? If so, what is the gift? Will you give a discount on all purchases made at our event? If so, how much is the discount?


Please let me know what I can do to help you reach your goals!

I'd love to hear your ideas or additional methods you'd like to include to spread the word.

I've listed additional marketing methods below that will help us reach more people.


Social Media Polls

Ask our audience to contribute to the creation of the event.
Create polls on social media to collect feedback.

Contest Giveaways

Create a social media contest to increase engagement.
Offer a special giveaway to the winner of our contest.


Find influencers aligned with our event and target audience.
Offer influencers an exchange to help promote our event.

Additional partners

Improve the event experience by collaborating with vendors (beverages, snacks, wellness services). Provide the option to elevate your shoot with artistic add-ons (makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers). Collaborate with brands to have their offerings featured in the photos (accessories, decor, props).

Involving more people can help spread awareness about the event.

Paper Ads

Share stickers, flyers, and cards promoting the event in locations where our target audience spends time. Put up flyers promoting the event in your store.


Reach out to local publications about our event.
Feature our event in magazines and blogs.

Word of mouth

Share this event with friends, associates, and strangers.

This form is designed to help brainstorm ideas.

The information your share will remain private.

This is simply a starting point to help guide our conversation in the discovery call.

Which marketing methods stick out to you? Which marketing methods would you be excited to contribute to? Do you have any specific ideas for marketing? Do you have anyone in your network who would be aligned with this event?


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ideas :)

Once you've submitted all three forms, I will circle back to you and we'll set up the discovery call.