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I’m a French-American photographer focused on capturing Mindful Makers who infuse healing into their unique offerings. Mindful Makers are artists & artisans who value wellness, nature, and sustainability.

This includes healers in aromatherapy, apothecary, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, crystal healing, movement flow, sensuality, and more.

Currently based in San Francisco, California.

My INTENTION with every session is to help you

Create a great first impression when attracting your dream clients

Save time when creating marketing and social media content

Build your brand trust and credibility with professional photography

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my mission is to help you help more people.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to connect!

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Look and feel your best 

With 10+ years of experience as a professional photographer, I’ll help guide your poses throughout the session.

You can feel confident knowing we’re capturing your most flattering angles. 

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photos that sell

After booking your session, you’ll receive an intake form to pinpoint which photos will best serve your marketing needs. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting photos that communicate the true value of your offerings and increase your return on investment.

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Kind Words


Mariam (@mariamangelyoga)

“Natasha was amazing from start to finish! She was so on top of scheduling, pre shoot instructions, checking in the day before! She is professional but friendly and approachable as well! She moves quickly and is efficient with her shots. She is also good at giving direction and suggestions! My photos turned out better than I anticipated and I was very happy! She can capture a lot in 30min time. Highly recommend Natasha if you’re looking to build your portfolio of pics for your brand!”

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Allison (@sweatyallison_fitness)

“Natasha is the best! She was extremely well organized and provided an abundance of helpful information prior to our shoot. At the shoot she made me feel super comfortable and I was amazed at how effectively and quickly she was able to get great shots. It was a really fun shoots and I’m IN LOVE with the photos we got! I’m so impressed with the way Natasha conducts her business & with the awesome shots she got! I’m excited to showcase these photos on my fitness Instagram. I HIGHLY recommend Natasha!”

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Cintya (@cintyachaves)

“When I saw Natasha’s profile on Instagram, I knew she was an artist, a good one! All the process was very organized, the communication clear and the session very objective. Natasha knows what she is looking for in an image. Don’t think twice in hiring her! She is a great professional who is going to add value to your product!”

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Katrina (@sanfranyogi)

“I loved working with Natasha! Natasha and I only had 30 minutes to shoot, yet she managed to produce hundreds of beautiful photos. Natasha was kind, helpful, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I was so impressed by the images she captured that I would 100% book her again. All of her photos offered beautiful composition and wonderful colors. Natasha is a talented photographer with great taste— I highly recommend her services!”

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Put a BEAUTIFUL face to your mindful brand

& capture your offerings in a HEALING natural landscape
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